Does Donald Trump have veneers?

One of our Scottsdale patients recently asked us about Donald Trump’s bright white smile.  Does Donald Trump have veneers or crowns or just naturally white perfect teeth?  Could it be that Donald Trump whitens his teeth with bleaching trays or other in-office whitening solutions? Without making any statement on Mr. Trump’s policies or his campaign for president, one must admit he does have a great smile.

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What are these bony bumps on my jaw bone?

Do you have a bony growth on your jaw bone?

Bony growths on either the mandible or hard palate are known as tori or torus if there is only one.  Mandibular tori are bony growths typically found on the inside of both sides of the mandible.  A maxillary torus is a bony growth found on the hard palate.

Tori are fairly common, are more likely found in females, and are more likely in the upper jaw than the lower jaw.  Genetics play a large part in the development of tori, as well as local stresses such as clenching and grinding.

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What is best way to whiten my teeth?

Is there a “best” way to whiten your teeth?  The answer to this question has a lot to do with the current condition of your teeth, their shade, and the sources of discoloration.  As always, we recommend a consultation at our dental practice Carefree Smile.  We offer cosmetic and general dentistry procedures and serve communities in Carefree, Cave Creek, and Scottsdale, Arizona.  There are a few types of whitening products that Dr. Swainhart recommends: whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, Zoom!® whitening, and KöR® whitening or bleaching trays.

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Cave Creek Fireworks Show Recap

Harold’s Cave Creek Corral provided an amazing fireworks display last week on the 3rd of July. The fireworks were visible in North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and Carefree.  Thank you again Harold’s for putting on an amazing show for free to our community!  We at Carefree Smile love to support our local businesses and strongly recommend that everyone check out Harold’s Corral for great food, music, and entertainment.  They are located on the other side of Black Mountain from our dental practice.

Thanks again Harold’s!

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth taken out?

The prophylactic extraction of wisdom teeth is something that we at Carefree Smile cautiously recommend in some but not all cases.  In teenagers and young adults under the age of thirty, if wisdom teeth are erupting in patterns that could create pain, inflammation, or infections, we will often recommend that the wisdom teeth be extracted.  Also if the wisdom teeth are developing large, deep cavities, in some cases extraction is prudent.  However, there are many cases where wisdom teeth erupt in a perfectly normal, healthy manner and in these cases the teeth should not be extracted.  We see patients from all over Scottsdale, Carefree, and Cave Creek that have maintained healthy third molars and in those cases, we would never recommend extraction.  Have you been told you need your wisdom teeth taken out?  If you would like a free second opinion, please stop by our dental practice on Carefree Highway.  Our address says Scottsdale, but we serve the communities of Carefree and Cave Creek as well.