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What is an amalgam filling?

Amalgam fillings, sometimes referred to as mercury fillings, have been a restorative dental material for over 100 years.  The amalgam is a mixture of metals including elemental liquid mercury, silver, tin, and copper.

Do I have mercury in my fillings?

Amalgam fillings or silver fillings that were commonly placed in the past contain up to fifty percent liquid elemental mercury.  The mercury is incorporated into the amalgamation to bind the alloy particles into a strong long-lasting filling.

Should I have my mercury fillings removed?

We recommend removal and replacement of amalgam fillings if and when the fillings has been chipped, fractured, or compromised by recurrent decay.  Since most amalgam fillings were placed many years ago, chances are there is justified need for replacement.  However, if the filling is in good condition with no evidence of recurrent decay, there may be no immediate need to replace the filling.

Do you use mercury fillings today?

We do not place amalgam or mercury restorations in our office.  Instead, we use more modern materials such as resin composite fillings and ceramic crowns.


If you have a defective amalgam or mercury restoration that you would like replaced, feel free to schedule an appointment in our office on Carefree Highway in North Scottsdale.