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Our mission at Carefree Smile is to help you achieve your optimal oral health and smile.  To that end, many of the treatments that we provide to our patients are preventative treatments, to help reduce the future likelihood of dental disease or dental problems.  At our dental practice in North Scottsdale, we treat children as well as adults.  Oftentimes, fluoride is readily accepted by patients as a valuable treatment for children, but many adults are unaware of the strong benefits that fluoride varnish provides for their dentition.

What is the fluoride varnish that the dentist gives me?

Fluoride varnish is a stronger concentration of fluoride that is applied directly onto the teeth and is left to dissolve over the course of several hours.  Fluoride varnish is a professional level treatment provided only in dental offices, and is not available for over-the-counter consumer use.  There are many fluoride varnish labels with a variety in flavors and concentrations.  Most common is a 5% concentration.

Who benefits from fluoride varnish from the dentist?

All patients, children through senior adults benefit from fluoride varnish. The topical application of fluoride on tooth structure has the ability to strengthen or remineralize weaker areas of enamel and dentin.

I have crowns and veneers, do I need fluoride varnish at the dentist?

Absolutely.  The margins between tooth structure and crowns or veneers is very susceptible to decay.  This is an excellent area for a topical application of fluoride varnish.  The fluoride varnish can strengthen the tooth structure and reduce the likelihood of bacterial decay leaking underneath the crown or veneer.

Where can I get fluoride varnish in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, or Carefree?

All patients at our practice in North Scottsdale will at least be offered the beneficial treatment of fluoride varnish.  For more information, please contact our dental office Carefree Smile by calling 480-488-7010.  We look forward to providing preventive dental care to your benefit.