What are composite resin fillings?

Most people have experienced amalgam fillings or gold filling restoration of teeth. Some amalgam fillings contained mercury and although effective, they are very conspicuous and tend to darken over time. Composite resin dental fillings are an effective and practical choice in lieu of traditional metal dental fillings. Composite Resin Fillings are fabricated from a dental resin and look like natural teeth. Composite Resin Fillings are durable and strong and they have the added benefit of looking perfectly natural.

Composite fillings contain quartz, glass, silica (a white colorless crystalline compound) and colorants and the end result is a material that has a natural appearance and superior durability.  Scottsdale Dentist, Dr. Swainhart can place composite fillings in just one visit – like traditional amalgam fillings, only without the possible exposure to hazardous Mercury.

Glass ionomer fillings are sometimes used as an alternative to composite resin for tooth restorations. Glass ionomers are used to fill cavities, oftentimes on exposed tooth roots.  We offer provide glass ionomer fillings when appropriate, and many of our patients here in Cave Creek, Carefree, or Scottsdale appreciate the reduced sensitivity due to the additional fluoride release.

Composite fillings advantages

Carefree Smile a Family Dental Office in North Scottsdale AZ specializes in Invisible Composite Fillings for natural looking tooth restoration.  Invisible fillings are bonded to your remaining tooth structure, which strengthens and helps prevent further damage to your tooth. They also look better and the color of resins can be custom matched to the color of your natural teeth.  Composite resin fillings are also used to repair and restore chipped, discolored, or damaged teeth.

How long do composite fillings last?

Composite resin fillings typically last anywhere from six to ten years – sometimes longer. The procedure normally takes just one visit and Scottsdale Dentist Dr. Finocchiaro is able to place Invisible Fillings without drilling as much as is necessary with traditional fillings.

What do composite fillings cost?

Composite fillings are a very affordable dental procedure.  If you live in the Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek or North Phoenix Arizona area, contact Carefree Smile today to schedule a consultation to discuss your options and the cost.

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