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Do you have a bony growth on your jaw bone?

Bony growths on either the mandible or hard palate are known as tori or torus if there is only one.  Mandibular tori are bony growths typically found on the inside of both sides of the mandible.  A maxillary torus is a bony growth found on the hard palate.

Tori are fairly common, are more likely found in females, and are more likely in the upper jaw than the lower jaw.  Genetics play a large part in the development of tori, as well as local stresses such as clenching and grinding.

If I have tori, do I need to see a dentist for removal?

Typically surgical removal of either mandibular or maxillary tori is not necessary unless the tori are creating other oral complications.  In some cases if there is evidence that local stresses such as clenching or grinding are present that may be contributing to the formation of tori, a custom bite guard for night time wear may be appropriate.

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